Building a Budget “Home Theater” for Movie Nights

Many people get confused about building a budget home theater for movie nights and how much money to spend. However, a budget movie room doesn’t have to feel cheap. There are many great options that allow you to find a perfect balance.

The amounts of money you ultimately spend largely depend on matching your desire with the cash you’re willing to spend. There is mid-range and inexpensive options that offer great performance and value, whereas some more expensive options only deliver the marginal increase in terms of performance and might not always be a great value.

The tips below will allow you to merge your desires of a great home theater with affordable, practical strategies for building the movie room.

What’s More Important For Your Movie Room?

Your home movie room could just be a sound system and a modest TV or the complex custom built system with a video projector or high end TV, ceiling and in-wall speakers and costly home theater seating.

Some of the basic questions that you should answer include:

  • Looking for the biggest viewing image?
  • Will you spend more time playing video games, listening to music, or watching movies and TV?
  • Do you want to have Internet in your home theater?

Decide Whether To Start From Scratch Or Upgrade

You should take stock of everything you have and then consider what you may want to keep. As you take stock of whatever you have, you should then think about what you want your home theater to have:

  • A sound system – To hear your TV shows, or movies you should connect the source to the home theater speakers, receiver or stereo.
  • Equipment cabinet or rack – You definitely need the place to put the TV or other source components and if you own Blue-rays, DVDs, and CDs, having a good place to keep them is an excellent idea.
  • Sources – You’ll need something to offer you with the content you hear or watch. Some of the home theater source component options that you’ll need include a satellite TV box, cable, antenna, network media streamers/player, game consoles, DVD players or Blu-ray.
  • A display device – To enjoy some video content, you’ll need a TV or a video projector.
  • Seating – To complete the home theater setup, a couch or comfortable chair is a perfect way to add to this enjoyment.

Consider The Home Theater Sound Bar Or Home Theater In A Box

If you only own a small room and do not want the hassles of assembling an elaborate system, consider a suitable TV and a sound bar system or Home Theater in a box.

Home theater in a box system is an affordable package that comprises most of the needed components including a surround receiver, speakers, Blue-ray or DVD player.

A sound bar usually create a wide surround like field that can be placed below or above your TV. Some of the soundbars also have amplifiers and some of them usually come with a subwoofer. The soundbars usually save lots of space and do away with the need for extra speakers in the setup.

If you desire a budget home theater for movie nights but do not have enough money, a sound bar or home theater in a box will without a doubt be affordable options.

Don’t Spend Too Much On Accessories

If you purchase a subwoofer, speakers, home theater receiver, Blu-ray player and TV, the cost of these items is not the final total. You’ll still need wires, cables as well as other accessories like a surge protector and universal remote control to get it all well setup and working perfectly. Accessories might be expensive, but this doesn’t always have to be the case.

Saving Money Is Good, But Getting Great Value Is Perfect

A budget home theater can save you lots or cash if you buy smart:

  • Don’t buy everything right away
  • Be comfortable with what you’ve bought
  • Do not always buy the cheapest
  • Be realistic
  • Understand return policies
  • Read ads carefully
  • Research before buying


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