Choosing the Best Students Laptop

Choosing the best students laptop isn’t just about finding the cheapest model out there (even though affordability is a factor). Students need a good laptop that will support their studies throughout the course, providing sufficient performance, power, durability, and portability.

Whether it’s for conducted in-depth analysis sessions, creating 3D models, writing essays or typing up notes into the wee hours, or just unwind watching some Netflix shows after a long day at school, the best student laptop can make the experience more enjoyable and efficient.

However, different studies will need different hardware. For example, if the student will be doing lots of architectural design work, they will need a powerful machine with a big screen. On the other hand, if they will just be watching instructional videos and taking notes, then a budget laptop would be a great fit.

Whatever type of laptop you’re looking for and regardless of your budget, below is a selection of the best back-to-school student laptops in 2021.

MacBook Air (M1, 2020)

CPU – Apple M1 8-Core, Storage – 256GB-2TB SSD, RAM – 8GB – 16GB, Screen – 13.3” 25560×1600 IPS Retina

The M1-powered MacBook Air is one of the best laptops ever produced by apple. Rather than using hardware created by Intel, apple used its own chip to power this new laptop and it seems this gamble paid off massively.

With excellent performance, this laptop beats other old MacBook airs and has better battery life. Also, it runs iOS apps, which gives users a large library of apps. Also, the screen supports the P3 color gamut, which makes it a perfect machine for video editing and photography students. It’s also one of the cheapest MacBooks available and even though it’s slightly expensive than other laptops, it’s an easier way to get your hands on a MacBook.

Why buy

  • Silent in use
  • Great battery life
  • MacOS Big Sur is responsive and fast

Google Pixelbook Go

Processor: m3-i7, Storage: 64 – 256GB, RAM: 8 – 16GB, Screen: 13.3”

Chromebook offer students a chance to get one of the best laptops at affordable rates, as long as you don’t really mind switching from mac OS or windows to Google’s Chrome operating system.

Pixelbook Go is a great laptop packing powerful components and a premium design that would shame other Windows 10 laptops.

Even with the premium features, this laptop is still cheaper than other laptops and the fantastic battery means you’ll have more time to use the laptop even while on the go. What makes this laptop a great pick for students is the excellent keyboard, top-notch performance, excellent webcam, and fantastic screen.

Why Buy

  • Terrific keyboard
  • Top-notch performance
  • Incredible webcam

HP Chromebook 14 FHD

Processing: Intel ®Celeron ®N3350, Storage: 32GB, RAM: 4GB, Screen: 14 “ 1920×1080

Instead of mac OS or windows, this superb laptop is powered by Google Chrome operating system. The laptop is built to be super easy to use and run applications from the Play Store, in the same way as a tablet or android phone. As a result, you can’t use windows software such as the Office suite, but Google’s cloud-based productivity apps such as Sheets and Docs are genuinely feasible alternatives.

Despite the low cost, it’s one of the best Chromebook you can purchase right now, with the 14-inch full High Definition 1080p screen being its standout feature. This is an IPS panel, meaning you never have to worry about weak contrast or restricted viewing angles.

Why buy

  • Long-lasting battery
  • Ultra-portable
  • Green screen
  • Amazing price

Microsoft Surface Go 2

Processing: 8th Gen Intel Core m3, Storage: 64GB – 128 GB SSD, RAM: 4- 8GB, Screen: 10.5 inches 1920×1280.

Microsoft’s wide range of tablet-laptop and surface laptop combo devices is, without a doubt baffling these days. Luckily, the newly released Surface Go 2 is easier to understand – it’s the most affordable Surface Laptop you can get today, which makes it a great student laptop. It’s also remarkably compact and light at only 1.1 kg.

Why buy

  • Huge battery life
  • Super light and slim
  • Affordable
  • Premium design

Acer Swift 3

If you’re looking for the best student laptop, Ace Swift 3 is one you should consider. We really like the way this laptop balances the affordable price tag with sufficient power to help you navigate their daily life at school, university, or college. Whether you want to write an essay or surf the Internet for research, it’s perfectly built to handle everyday tasks.



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