“Demon Slayer – The Hinokami Chronicles”: The successful anime is now available as a game

Fans of the anime “Kimetsu no Yaiba” or known here as “Demon Slayer” now have to hold on to their chairs. On October 15th, the game developer CyberConnect2 will bring the world of Tanjiro to the screens again – this time as a game.

“Demon Slayer” is about the young “Kamado Tanjiro” who finds his family dead in his house after a massacre. Only his sister “Nezuko” survived, but she was transformed into a demon after being attacked. Tanjiro is not ready to kill his sister and holds on to the humanity in her. Together they set out to fight the demons and the one who wiped out their families. On his way as “Demon Slayer,” Tanjiro meets new friends and old enemies and is driven by the goal of giving his sister back her humanity.


You can experience exactly this story of the anime yourself in solo mode. “Demon Slayer – The Hinokami Chronicles” should include the “Unwavering Resolve Arc” and the story of the 2020 film about the “Mugen Train Arc”. In the versus mode, on the other hand, two players can enter the fight as freely selectable characters from the franchise. If the combat system ties in with the possibilities of the anime, this mode can only be a highlight. Last but not least, the original Animecast will set the game to music. In any case, there is a close relationship to the successful moving image offshoot of the manga.


Many of the well-known and celebrated characters from “Demon Slayer” are of course also there. Tanjiro is indispensable as the main character, but “Giyu Tomika” and “Kyojuro Rengoku” are also part of the playable characters. That you can experience their individual sword styles with it sounds very promising. These are basically based on the natural elements and, in connection with a “Nichirin Blade”, become the deadly end for all demons out there.

The game is to be released for the Playstation 5 and 4, for the Xbox consoles, and for Steam. The Deluxe Edition can already be pre-ordered on Steam. So if you want to play two days before the release, secure a character activation key for Tomioka Giyu and Kocho Shinobu as well as the avatar for Tanjiro, you will have to take 69.99 euros out of your own pocket.



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