“Genshin Impact”: 5 tips to win a battle without investing money

“Genshin Impact” has been on the road to success since its release on September 28, 2020. As a mobile game in particular, the anime-style action role-playing game was able to convince consumers. We’ll show you now how no fight will prevent you from progressing in the story in the future.

In “Genshin Impact” the fight is essential to complete main and side missions, to get bonuses and items, and to get closer to your missing and kidnapped twin. The game offers some detailed combat strategies and application possibilities that it can use despite the limited controls on the smartphone makes it a great experience. The game points out some of these tricks sometimes more strongly and sometimes less. However, if you find it difficult to use your time and resources correctly when playing and despair of increasingly strong opponents as the story progresses, the following tips are suitable for you if you have not tried them yet. In any case, the game is enjoyable and, above all, playable without investing a lot of money in characters or items. The following tips can be used without investments and with the standard characters at the beginning of the game.


All fights in “Genshin Impact” are decisively decided through the use of “Elementary Science”. There are a total of seven elements that are linked to the seven gods of the regions. Every playable character has one of these elements. Your team can then be put together from these characters. For a quick and successful outcome of the fight, it is crucial to use the elements of your characters and opponents against each other and, among other things, to evoke elementary reactions.

For example, it makes a lot of sense to use the element “Pyro”, which is based on fire, against an opponent with a “Hydro”, a water element. This also creates the elementary reaction “evaporate”, since the pyro element is superior to the hydro element. In contrast, the Eiselememt “Cryo” is superior to the Pyroelement. All possible further combinations of the seven elements can be put together in this way. Skillful use of your fighters and their elements is, therefore, a good idea.


“Genshin Impact” has a unique and animated world. This is not only nice to look at but also helps you a lot in your fight against enemies in the open field. It is important to keep your eyes open and to work with what your environment offers you. For example, you will almost always find a watering hole, river, or sea near where you are. You should lure your opponents there skillfully. If you now attack them with the Cryo Element, they are frozen and can be done in seconds.

In the same way, the electrical element ensures the elementary reaction “undercurrent ”, which also has a strong effect on your opponents. Water is your greatest friend in “Teyvat”. “Lisa” as an electronic user is almost unbeatable in the rain. One or the other time she will point this out to you with rave statements about the weather . However, you should keep your eyes open everywhere.


The fight against Hilichurle, Abyssal Magician and Co. is much easier in “Genshin Impact” when your characters are in top condition. This means your figure level, which can be upgraded in the menu against the material for figures EP. In chests and after completing missions, you will receive this in most cases. Once a character is promoted as high as they can, promotion is required. On your journey through the world, the items for this ascent can be found quickly.

Before the fight, your characters should be leveled up as much as they can. The same goes for their weapons. Other, better weapons can also be found all over “Teyvat”, but can also be leveled up with reinforcements to the point that they become powerful weapons. If you have leveled up as much as your pockets give, you are ready for any enemy.


The possibilities for the selection of combinations of Artfekaten is almost endless in “Genshin Impact”. They are divided into five types, such as “flower of life”, “feather of death” and more. These have a different positive effects on your characters, as well as different quality levels. In general, the set bonus must be observed. Four artifacts of the same kind have a greater positive effect than just two. There are also special artifacts that increase the damage of each element of a character in combat. Artifacts with a high KT for a critical hit are particularly helpful with melee combatants. With a four-piece traveling doctor set, for example, the healing of a character is extremely strong, so that he does not start to falter so quickly in combat.


This tip is not difficult to guess and it is certainly not a secret – nevertheless, many still do not make use of it. Even if your opponents seem unimpressed by your attacks at first glance, they have weak points. In most cases, this is the head. With a ranged fighter with a bow, like “Amber”, this can be targeted. In the case of a ruin guard, the exposed core on its back is also such a weak point. Unprotected, this can be done quickly with a targeted shot.

“Genshin Impact” can be experienced much better with one or the other trick. The story in particular makes the game a lot of fun. In order to be able to continue to live through these fluently, the victory over ever stronger opponents is inevitable. Hopefully one or the other tip helped you. You can find more news about “Genshin Impact” and other games with us.


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