Huawei MateView GT Review

The MateView GT is HUAWEI’s first gaming monitor, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive. What is behind the flagship model from HUAWEI? Can the monitor keep up with those from established manufacturers?

The Huawei MateView is Huawei’s first gaming monitor. Nevertheless, the MateView GT can already keep up with the products of other manufacturers. We have found out for you what exactly is in the MateView GT and how it actually performs in gaming.


A very important aspect of every technical product of this generation is the external presentation and processing. The MateView GT can convince here with an elegant design. Due to the slim base, the monitor does not look overwhelming on the table despite its size. Its design allows a lot of the tabletop to remain visible, which makes it appear less intrusive and robust.

Another very welcome design element is the RGB element integrated into the soundbar. It is a simple strip that does not stretch across the entire soundbar. RGB is used here as a subtle accent and is by no means too present. The element can also remain switched off and still does not look ugly.

The screen itself impresses with its flat, thin bezels and a generally very simple design. In general, the monitor gives the impression of simplicity, but without compromising on aesthetics. Many current gaming monitors impress with their curved feet, eccentric borders on the display and similar abnormalities. The MateView manages to create a balance between harder and softer design elements through the rounding of the screen and the round soundbar at the end of the stand.


When you switch on the MateView GT for the first time, you notice that white is not really white. The screen has a rather warm appearance, which colors the display in a more yellowish or orange tone. This is probably gentler on the eyes, but this shade is not for everyone.

For me personally, it was very easy to change the monitor to a more comfortable color setting with just a few clicks through the menu. Here you have the choice between a cold, a warm, the standard-setting, and an eye-friendly mode. If none of these are suitable for you, you have the option of further customizing the color tone and color temperature of the monitor.


There is nothing wrong with the display sharpness of the HUAWEI MateView GT. The image looks razor-sharp, and I couldn’t find any blurring during the entire test. Of course, this works on the condition that games and other content are set correctly.

However, the display receives a small deduction at this point, as it sometimes has a very strong reflection in darker images. This can meanwhile make it difficult to see clearly in dark scenes. This can be avoided by switching off all light sources outside the screen. However, this is not recommended as it puts extra strain on the eyes and can lead to faster fatigue due to increased exertion.


Hardly anyone will find fault with the equipment of the MateView GT. With two USB- C connections, one of them for the PowerSupply and two HDMI connections as well as a DisplayPort connection, everyone will find the possibility to connect their PC or console.

There is a plastic protective cap over the connections on the back of the monitor. This can be easily removed and put back on. It can get a little complicated if you try to get the cables into the correct connections in a tight space. The connections are open at the bottom, so difficulties can easily arise here.

However, once you have managed to connect the cables correctly, the monitor quickly looks chic and elegant. Most people will probably have to deal with two cables, a connection cable, and the power cable that goes under the display. With cable ties, these could be attached to the stand, for example, and then led behind the table to avoid tangled cables.

The equipment of the HUAWEI MateView GT also includes the height-adjustable stand. It is robust and does what it says on the tin. The stand keeps what it promises, even when the load is increased by carrying the monitor or trying to plug in the cables. The height adjustment as well as the tilt forwards or backward work easily and smoothly, you don’t have to worry about the display falling off at any point.


Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not provide any information on the response time of the HUAWEI MateView GT. However, I didn’t notice anything negative about the response time during the test. In practical use, it is fast enough and does not attract negative attention.

The refresh rate, however, is specified by HUAWEI. With a whopping 165 Hz per second, screen tearing is a thing of the past. The monitor doesn’t stutter and as long as you have the hardware to effectively record 165 Hz, you definitely won’t have any complaints. The difference to a conventional 60 Hz display is definitely noticeable and can be seen with the naked eye on the basis of more fluid gameplay.

A high refresh rate is an advantage, especially for players of competitive first-person shooters. For example, it can make a big difference in games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which is also not limited in its frame rate. But the high refresh rate is also a nice feature for casual gamers, which improves the gaming experience of every game.

The only user group for whom a high refresh rate is probably less important are people who work in the home office. Meetings via Zoom or other video conference tools with 165 Hz are hardly more pleasant than with 60 Hz.


The HUAWEI MateView GT comes equipped with a whole range of bonus features that set the monitor apart from the competition. Said features include the soundbar built into the base, as well as some special modes that can help you in the game.

Not too much can be said about the soundbar. The sound experience is solid, everything sounds good so far and there are no noticeable background noises. However, the soundbar for gaming will hardly serve its purpose. Their very limited orientation makes it difficult to determine where sounds in the room are actually coming from. For example, it cannot be determined whether the steps are coming from the left or from behind.

The soundbar of the MateView GT with an integrated RGB element.

The soundbar is therefore very suitable for watching YouTube videos and listening to music, but when gaming it simply does not come close to sensible headphones or a setup with several speakers. It is also equipped with an LED strip. This has the RGB spectrum and can be conveniently controlled via the menu built into the monitor.

In the beginning, the bar is switched off and when you switch it on for the first time you get a warning about increased power consumption, which is a nice feature. The bar looks good, it is discreet, but still catches the eye without being distracting. However, it cannot be synchronized with other RGB elements in your setup. Whether the built-in modes match your setup is a matter of luck. It is easier here to limit your lighting to a solid color.


The modes that can help you in the game are particularly interesting for gamers. The MateView GT has two things to offer here: a mode that brightens dark corners to make opponents more visible and an integrated crosshair that helps you out in games.

Like the soundbar, both features can be played and switched on and off via the menu control. The features are easy to find and understand. In crosshair mode, you can choose from crosshairs in red and green, as well as different shapes. The crosshair appears promptly in the middle of your screen and only disappears again when you switch off the feature. Unfortunately, I could not test whether it is really easier to achieve with the AWP Noscopes, but the feature definitely looks promising!

DarkField Control actually makes it easier to find hidden enemies by lighting up your screen and especially dark corners. This can be helpful, but in some games, it also takes away important elements. So I would recommend using the feature carefully and deactivating it before playing horror games, for example. This is the only way to really show the true gaming experience.

Another small feature is a display of the refresh rate in the corner of the screen. Although this feature is already available and widespread in most graphics card software, if this is not the case for you, then the MateView GT can help you out here.


The MateView GT is advertised by HUAWEI as a multifunctional display. This does not surprise me, because there is hardly a monitor that cannot fulfill several functions. It goes without saying that you can also take part in Zoom meetings and fill out Excel spreadsheets on a gaming monitor.

However, I have to say that the gaming features of the HUAWEI MateView GT can all be deactivated in such a way that the MateView can actually have both a highly gaming-oriented and an office look. The roundness of the display is not distracting and, especially with an image format of 21: 9, several windows can be opened at the same time. This can clearly increase productivity in the home office.


Overall, the HUAWEI MateView GT is a solid gaming monitor with some nice features. The MateView GT can definitely keep up with the models of other brands that are already established in the gaming industry and also comes with a number of features that make it unique.

It’s hard to tell that this is Huawei’s first gaming monitor. Although some features are not yet fully developed and there is a slight need for improvement in some areas, there is currently hardly a product on the market that does not do this.

The price of the monitor is currently on the official website of HUAWEI at 549.00 euros, which is quite comparable to similar monitors. So the monitor is not a bargain, but it is also not grossly overpriced. He’s in the midfield here.



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