Humankind: New Civilization Style Strategy Game?

In “Humankind” you form the story the way you want it. The strategy game was developed by Amplitude Studios and has been available on Steam, the Epic Games Store, and Co. since August 17th . But what about the historic newcomer?

Humankind ties in with real historical events around the globe. With the exception that it is in your own hands how humanity finds its place in the world. A mix of cultures and alliances awaits you and gives the gameplay great freedom on the way to a better civilization. Up to 60 historical cultures from prehistory to modern times can be combined in this way. Each culture has its own gameplay and offers players a very different gaming experience.


The main feature of the game is to conquer new territories. The playing card of the epochs is divided into individual fields. Opponents who have already claimed the level for themselves may be on these. It is important to defeat these and massively expand one’s own sphere of influence. Resources such as food can just as easily be developed in new areas and are sometimes necessary for new expeditions, but also to increase one’s own troop strength. The terrain of the map must also be taken into account. If one level is too high, you have to find a new pass to open up the field. Whether rivers, forests, deserts or the sea – in Humankind you have to make everything your own.


In each epoch, you have the opportunity to choose between ten cultures. Bonuses, units, and districts differ significantly with these. As a “turn-based board game”, the game carries out your battles on the map either manually or automatically. In addition, your character can be created according to your wishes and adapted in the game with new achievements. Important buildings can also be erected and strengthen the strength of your tribes and armies.

What makes Humankind particularly interesting is its cultural diversity and ethnic connections, which have not existed in this form before. According to initial critics, the game is very similar to Sid Meier’s “Civilization”. However, it combines numerous positive elements of a turn-based game and differentiates itself from its competitors in several ways, which means that it has great play value. Steam is currently running a promotion with bonus content for early purchases. Until August 24th, avatar and symbol sets are included with the Digital Deluxe Edition. The deluxe bonus content is of course also included. Anyone who wants to make a name for themselves in history is in good hands with Humankind.



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