JBL Quantum One: This gaming headset impressed in the test with its immersion

For an immersive gaming experience, the top sound is undoubtedly crucial. A good headset is, therefore, a must for every professional gamer. We have tested the high-end gaming headset Quantum One from JBL for you and are impressed by the many customization options.

Let’s start with the packaging of the JBL Quantum One because here it is immediately apparent that an effort has been made. The colorful cardboard box with magnetic closure really looks good and the many special features printed on it, such as head tracking or Sphere 360 ​​Audio, arouse curiosity. If you look into the packaging, the JBL Quantum One headset can be seen through a plastic flap – and immediately makes a fairly high-quality and stable impression. It can be flexibly adapted to all head shapes and the padding on the headband and the auricles is very comfortable when put on. Nothing presses here and thanks to the lightweight, the headset does not interfere with wearing. What is striking is that the dense ear cushions block out a lot of ambient noise even without noise suppression switched on.


But what should the high-end headset actually be able to do? It is equipped with numerous extras, such as active noise canceling. The head tracking technology also detects the position of your head and thereby optimally aligns the sound. And in conjunction with the Sphere 360 ​​Audio room sound, you immerse yourself completely in the game. You also have countless options for adapting the headset to your own taste – from an equalizer function to various sound modes and freely selectable lighting in bright colors.


Another plus point: you can not only use the headset for gaming but also as regular headphones for listening to music. The microphone can be easily removed so that the JBL Quantum One looks like headphones. An AUX cable is also included, which you can simply connect to your smartphone or tablet to listen to music. However, you can enjoy the full range of functions on the PC – that’s why we tried the headset on the computer. Here you connect the headset via a USB-C to USB-A cable and you can start right away. The headset is compatible with all gaming platforms, but the room sound does not work in conjunction with other devices.

There is also a controller on the cable with which you can adjust the balance between game sounds and the chat, for example when you chat with friends online via Discord. If the chat is too loud for you, you can simply turn the control to the left and you will hear more of the game again. In practice, this is useful because you don’t have to mess around with the settings first. In addition, a mute button is integrated into the headset, with which you can quickly mute yourself.


There is also a calibration button on the headset. When you press this, your headset will be perfectly aligned with the screen. We’ll explain what this is for in a moment. We tested the JBL Quantum One with various games on the PC. To find the perfect settings, we downloaded the JBL QuantumEngine software, which gives you an incredible number of customization options. We chose the JBL Quantumsphere 360 ​​room sound setting for gaming. Trying out and testing the various settings is particularly fun. Because with each setting you have a completely different sound experience. But how does the headset perform when gaming? At first, it almost seemed as if the sound was coming from large speakers directly from the direction of the screen. This is made possible by the innovative room sound technology of the JBL headset. What sounds strange at first, is really impressive after a short familiarization.


To understand how the technology works, you basically have to experience it for yourself. Nevertheless, let’s try to put the experience into words: If you turn your head to the left, the sound in the right ear becomes louder and at the same time quieter in the left ear. It, therefore, sounds like the sound is coming straight from the front. The calibration mentioned above is used here. To do this, you have to look directly at the screen and then press a button to align the headset. This means that the headset knows how to change the settings with every head movement. In other words, the headset simulates an impressive sound system right behind your screen. But only you can hear the strong sound – and do not disturb anyone with loud noises.

JBL Quantum One: The gaming headset offers a high-end gaming experience. Image source: inside digital

A few additional words about the sound quality, because it really impressed us – both in the game and when listening to music. To listen to music on the PC, we have selected the DTS function in the software. An incredibly strong bass is generated here. The music sounds extremely clear and full with the JBL Quantum One, so listening to music is simply fun with it. And the active noise suppression additionally enhances the quality. Because: This allows you to completely immerse yourself in enjoying the music. And the microphone quality is also impressive. This is where a very good and clear sound arrives at your fellow players. In the middle of a battle, there are guaranteed no more misunderstandings due to poor sound quality.


The JBL Quantum One headset makes an all-around high-quality impression and definitely convinced us in the test. The sound experience is completely different than with normal headphones. Because here you really feel right in the middle of the action. However, words are not enough to really understand room sound technology – everyone has to experience it for themselves. The JBL Quantum One is therefore an all-around successful gaming headset that offers a special gaming and music experience. The only drawback: functions such as room sound are not possible via the AUX cable on the smartphone or tablet. This shouldn’t be a huge problem though, as the JBL Quantum One was made primarily for PC gamers after all. We, therefore, recommend using the USB cable on the PC.



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