“Life Is Strange” – Two changes in September

In “Life Is Strange” you accompany characters you have come to love to master their everyday lives with the help of (or in spite of) their supernatural powers. The 3D adventure from the third-person perspective will be expanded with two new games in September.


On September 10th, 2021 “Life Is Strange: True Colors” will be the newest part of the franchise available. The focus of the story is Alex Chen. While Alex’s own emotions are likely to cause enough chaos, she has the ability to sense the feelings of those around her as well. What is strange enough in itself is supplemented by the possibility of manipulating other people’s emotions. Alex just wants to find out what led to the death of her brother Gabe in an alleged accident. In order to achieve this, however, she can no longer deny the power within herself.

In mountainous Colorado, you and Alex go in search of answers in “Haven Springs”. On this emotional roller coaster ride, Alex can also use her skills to change other lives in the mine in a positive way. But she has to be careful not to be overwhelmed by the emotions of her friends and enemies.


The next big hit will follow on September 30th. “Life Is Strange: Remastered Collection” goes back to the beginning of Square Enix production and brings the 2015 game back to the present. The game starts with revised graphics and animation.

If you are not yet part of the Life Is Strange world, you will meet 18-year-old “Max” Caulfield. At Arcadia Bay, Oregon, Max was inseparable friends with Chloe before moving to Seattle. After five years she is back to study photography at the Blackwell Academy. She realizes that Chloe’s life has changed a lot after her absence. While they face the problems at the academy and their private life, Max and Chloe find each other again. After Max saved her friend from death through a vision, she confides in her and tries to understand what is happening to her. With the ability to manipulate time, they try to solve the disappearance of Chloe’s friend Rachel.

The games will be available for PS5, PS4, XBox, and PC. With the Ultimate Edition of “Life Is Strange: True Colors” you get both parts at a lower price. For the PS5, for example, 79.99 euros would be due as a pre-order. Individually, the “Life Is Strange: True Colors” deluxe edition costs 69.99 euros and the standard edition costs 59.99 euros. “Life Is Strange: Remastered Collection” will cost 39.99 euros per pre-order.



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