Lightroom is Great for Photography but what are the Alternatives?

Are you looking for a great Lightroom alternative for managing files and editing images? Familiarize yourself with functional and popular options to help you process the pictures and properly organize them in your libraries.

While Lightroom remains a trendsetter in the market, the alternatives listed here won’t disappoint you. Technically, you’ll also learn how to pay for a Lightroom subscription or get it for free, but in some cases, it’s much better to find affordable alternatives to improve your photos.

Best Lightroom Alternatives.

Luminar 4

Luminar 4 comes with all the great features you need for editing and managing photos without affecting the RAW files. Most users choose this software for its high speed with regards to organizing and importing photos. Also, luminar has culling tools such as color labels, stars, and flags.

Luminar 4’s editing capabilities make sit our top alternative for the Lightroom. With free and paid Lightroom presets, users can edit photos in just one click. The editing tools are AI-powered, allowing users to quickly improve images even with no previous experience. You can use the functional masking tools to optimize the workflow.

Most photo editors like the portrait enhancement option that allows getting rid of different imperfections, improving skin, and quickly brightening faces.

Nevertheless, Luminar 4 lacks the merging tools, focus stacking, and HDR option for creating the panorama.

ON1 Photo RAW

Second on our list is ON1 Photo RAW, a powerful Lightroom alternative. It’s a detailed image management capability for searching for photos and organizing files. In the same way as Lightroom, this program provides a map view option, which allows the identification of the location of GPS, tagged photos on a map.

You can carry out an advanced search by metadata, keywords, image size, and more. Also, the ON1 Photo RAW offers users basic masking and photo editing tools for quick photo enhancement. Also, you can use the smart retouching option, which allows you to delete unnecessary elements from the image.

The software has many presents and filters.

Many features in this program are similar to the functions provided by Lightroom. For example, it includes great editing options, allowing users to incorporate text into the pictures, has retouching options, panorama presents, supports HDR, and focus stacking.

Capture One Pro

Capture One Pro offers you great control over photo editing processes. The color correction capability makes this software stand out from other available alternatives.

The good news is that this program allows users to configure shortcuts. Keep in mind that Capture one doesn’t just offer the basic processing tools for images, it also allows you to work with various layers, presets, and styles. Nonetheless, this software does not have panorama tools or and doesn’t support HDR effects.

This program has two substantial benefits over other Lightroom alternatives. These include tethered capture options and advanced color control. Advanced color control allows users to achieve a great color scheme for their images. On the other hand, the tethered capture option is a perfect alternative for studio photographers who can utilize the Visme Social Media Graphics Tool to improve their images.


RAWTherapee also made it to our handpicked list of the best Lightroom alternatives. Its free option has various features for improved workflow and supports batch processing.

Furthermore, RawTherapee comes with non-destructive editing capabilities, which means you can quickly restore the RAW file regardless of how many edits have been done. It also has advanced image-processing features for removing noise, modifying the color schemes, and customizing sharpness quickly and easily. If you’ve used Lightroom previously, then you’ll find it very easy to use RawTherapee because they have a similar interface.

RawTherapee is a perfect solution for working with compressed pictures and RAW files. Equipped with a 96-bit processor, the software has many color correction tools for changing white balance.

With exposure and tonality tools, you can quickly handle color toning to enhance your photo. With lab and tone curves, tine, and shadow mapping tools, you can quickly achieve a great HDR-like effect.


Darkatable is an amazing free alternative to Lightroom that allows enhancing images and organizing your images in libraries. Users can add tags to photos, use ratings, arrange the files in folders and also label them. Also, the software supports tethered shooting and can process RAW image files.

While this software is free, the performance is quite impressive. Moreover, it’s compatible with Linux, macOS, and windows. Darktable has an easy-to-use user interface that makes it very similar to Lightroom. The software comes with image adjustment tools and flexible photo management. Not to mention the fact that it supports non-destructive editing hence allowing users to restore the initial image with no problems.

Darktable offers superb masking tools and can be used to make HDR photos. Besides the developers providing you with free and comprehensive tutorials, you can also get help from educational posts, watch video tutorials, forums, and more.


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