Nintendo Switch: Are the Free Games Any Good?

Free games in the Nintendo Eshop – certainly nobody expects time-consuming games with the highest quality graphics and story. In the test, we took a closer look at whether there is something in the large selection of free games in the eshop that is worth our free time.


With ” Pokémon Unite“As the first free Nintendo Switch game in the test, you will be thrown into an arena with like-minded players and compete as a team against other players. As a Pokémon trainer, you choose a Pokémon before each round. The well-known and popular ones like Charizard, Pikachu or Jigglypuff are of course included. During the fight, these develop further and can use stronger attacks. The goal is to collect the “Aeos energy” on “Aeos Island” and level up the Pokémon. In the arena, you get this by defeating wild or opposing Pokémon. If you make it into the opponent’s point zone, you can score points. The team with the most points wins. In addition to the interaction with players worldwide, the game impresses with a good design and smooth animation. The classic Pokémon atmosphere can thus be captured. The turn-based combat is fun and offers space to let off steam. Even if “Pokémon Unite” cannot tie in with the classic console titles, it is a nice and easy change from the usual games.


As an indie adventure game, “ Children of Light” Represented on the Nintendo Switch since July 29, 2021. What makes the game unique is its feather-light world. As a child of light, it is your job to find and save souls in the open world. You will experience their story in just a few pictures, which leave freedom of interpretation. In any case, the history of the world and the people of the game will not be presented to you on a silver platter. The cloud world is uniquely designed and is equipped with a loving, but sometimes a one-sided story. The simple options for action and game controls are definitely also suitable for beginners. Interaction with other players is also possible on the surface. “Children of the Light” is therefore pleasant for in between – to switch off and let yourself be sprinkled.


Looking back, “ Lost Lands: The Dark Master ” surprised me positively. Even if strategy and puzzle-oriented games do not otherwise correspond to my personal taste, I found myself returning to this game again and again. The hidden object game leads us as Susan into a supernatural world in search of her son Jimmy who was kidnapped by the dark master. You could call it detective work “light” because you have to locate a number of objects and use them in the right place to uncover new secrets and areas of the world. Even if the puzzles are not complex, the flow of the game is maintained and makes you want more, as the tasks remain varied. The game progress can be accelerated in any case with purchased hints, but can also be played without problems. Even if it doesn’t captivate you in front of the screen, it is a successful free-to-play game on the Nintendo Switch.


As usual, “ Super Kirby Clash ” is not about a jump-and-run game. This time the little pink bouncy ball and three other players face his opponents in “Dream Kingdom”. These can be online players or simply computer-controlled opponents. You can take on missions in story mode or play with friends in party mode. The design is what you are used to: cute. Unfortunately, the game already subsides at this point. The way of playing is simple but monotonous and beyond that, it has no real level of difficulty. However, the game is suitable as family content. Children and beginners are sure to enjoy “Super Kirby Clash”. However, the game is less suitable for more than casual gaming.


The multiplayer action game “ Ninjala ” has been available on the Nintendo Switch since June 24, 2020 . The beat ‘ em-up Game convinces at first glance with its chic design, which is something between modern street style and traditional ninja basics in bright colors. It is vaguely reminiscent of “Splatoon”. The music can also capture this style well and is nice to experience in addition to the lively animation. In “Ninjala” you can also compete against up to eight other players around the world. In the battle royal style, you can defeat your opponents with giant chewing gum bubbles and katanas or yo-yos with an “ippon”. For this, you need shinobi energy, which you get when smashing drones. The combat system is really diverse and easy to play. Unfortunately, besides the Battle Royal mode, there are no longer any opportunities to experience “Ninjala” for free. The story mode is, with the exception of the tutorial, only available for purchase. In many places, only Pay2win content is referred to, which is a shame given the game’s successful elevator.

Basically, the free games on the Nintendo Switch are what most people would expect them to be. However, some of them are even more surprising because of their good flow of the game and their great overall package. Ultimately, everyone can only decide for themselves what they think of the games. However, free doesn’t always mean badly developed and boring. You should give the whole thing a chance to change your mind.


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