Panasonic Presented Lumix S 24 mm F1.8

With the Panasonic Lumix S 24 mm F1.8, the Japanese electronics giant is presenting its third full-frame fixed focal length of the F1.8 series with Leica L after the Lumix S 85 mm F1.8 and 50 mm F1.8 Mount, which should be extended by a 35 mm. All lenses have identical dimensions including filter thread and positioning of the operating elements. But also the optical coordination and the high image quality should be identical so that changing the lenses apart from the effects of the focal length should not be noticeable. The price of the 24 is significantly higher than the 50 and 85.

The Panasonic Lumix S 24 mm F1.8 should be equally suitable for photo and video applications. Above all, however, the latter should be the main motivation to bring a whole lens series with different focal lengths, but identical housings and the same image appearance on the market, because the lenses can be changed particularly easily in a rig and the image appearance (colors, Sharpness gradient, bokeh) identical – at least that’s what Panasonic promises and it was also a declared development goal for the lenses. With photos, on the other hand, it would not be as noticeable as with videos if the lenses had slightly different characteristics.

Correspondingly, the housing dimensions of the Panasonic Lumix S 24 mm F1.8 with a length of 8.2 centimeters and a diameter of 7.4 centimeters and the filter thread with 67 millimeters are identical to the 50 and 85 mm F1.8. However, the optical structure and the weight are different. At 310 grams, the 24 is a little lighter than the 85, which weighs 355 grams but is a little heavier than the 50, which weighs around 300 grams they still work properly.

The optical structure of the Panasonic Lumix S 24 mm F1.8 consists of twelve lenses that are arranged in eleven groups. Three aspherical and three ED lenses as well as one UED element are designed to minimize image errors. The aperture consists of nine slats, which are supposed to ensure an even bokeh. Panasonic promises high image quality with high resolution in the center of the image and a nice transition to soft bokeh.

The autofocus works with internal focusing. Here, too, there are optimizations for videographers, because focus breathing is said to have been minimized and the autofocus to work inaudibly. In addition, the 24 offers an AF-MF switch and the electronic focus ring should be able to switch between linear and non-linear responses (for Lumix-S cameras with the latest firmware update). You can also set how far the focus ring has to be turned during manual focusing in order to adjust the focus from the closest focusing distance to infinity. Incidentally, the closest focusing distance is 24 centimeters, which enables a maximum reproduction ratio of only 1: 6.7.

The Panasonic Lumix S 24 mm F1.8 should be available from the end of September 2021 at a price of just under 900 euros. This makes the lens 250 euros more expensive than the Lumix S 85 mm F1.8 and almost twice as expensive as the Lumix S 50 mm F1.8. In addition to the usual protective covers, a lens hood is also included in the scope of delivery.



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