Philips Hue update: New app functions and new lamps

Product update at Philipps Hue. The manufacturer of smart lamps and lighting not only released a software update with new features, but also presented numerous new and improved lamps. We’ll give you an overview.

The new launches include four-color gradient products, white ambiance filament lamps, more powerful, intelligent light sources, as well as bathroom and ceiling lights. With this, Hue is continuing the gradient line after the introduction of the Philips Hue Play Gradient Lightstrip last year. With gradient technology, several light colors merge into one another in a single lamp or luminaire. The difference is particularly clear with lamps such as the Stripe, which previously could only shine in the same color over the entire length.

The Philips Hue Play Gradient Light Tube (RRP 179.99 / 199.95 euros, from October 26th) is a new addition to the Gradient collection. It is specially designed to be placed under a television. It is available in white and black and in two lengths. Other Philips Hue lamps have also been enhanced with gradient technology. On the one hand, the updated Philips Hue Gradient Signe floor and table lamps, each available as a black or white version (199.99 / 299.99 euros, from September 14th). On the other hand, the new Philips Hue Ambiance Gradient Lightstrip complements the portfolio. It combines the flexibility and powerful light of the regular Philips Hue Lightstrip with the option of colored light gradients. The Stripe will be available from September 14th for 149.99 euros, the extension costs 59.95 euros.

The standard lamp becomes brighter

The rest of the range of smart lamps is also getting bigger (and brighter). The Philips Hue filament lamps, which are particularly popular with decoration fans, are now also available in a White Ambiance version. This means that you can now offer every shade of white from warm to cold light (2,200 to 6,500 Kelvin). The costs for this are between 29.99 euros and 49.99 euros, depending on the size. The filament range is also being expanded to include a filament E14 candle lamp as a white version with a color temperature of 2,100 Kelvin (29.99 euros).

The iconic Philips Hue lamps in their White, White Ambiance and White and Color Ambiance are a Hue classic. So far they had a light intensity of 800 lumens. Now they are also available in versions with 1,100 and 1,600 lumens so that apartments can be even brighter. 800 lamps will remain available, but the new standard in the starter set will be 1,100 lumens. The costs: for the 1,100-lumen series start at 19.99 euros (white) and end at 59.99 euros for the color variant. The 1,600-lumen version will only be available from mid-October and costs between 24.99 euros and 69.99 euros.

New panel light, new ceiling light, and paint for the bathroom

There are further product updates for the ceiling lights. The new series Philips

Hue Surimu (269.99 euros) is comparable to the Aurelle in terms of design. The panel light was previously only available as a white glowing variant. It is almost flush with the ceiling and is available in both a rectangular and a square design. Now they also shine colorfully – but flat and without a gradient.

Other innovations: The Philips Hue Enrave ceiling light is available in black and white and offers warm to cold white light for the living room, bedroom, or kitchen (99.99 to 259.99 euros, from mid-October). It is mounted directly under the ceiling. Alternatively, the Enrave will also be available as a pendant luminaire from mid-October (239.99 euros) and in this version emits a strong downward light on a dining table or kitchen island and at the same time produces a light upward.

The Xamento series is available for the bathroom. Here you have the choice between the Philips Hue Xamento recessed spot in a chrome design. It is the first Philips Hue lamp to bring millions of light colors into the bathroom. It is available as a single spot for € 74.99 or € 199.99 as a three spot. Later in the year, this series will also be supplemented with the Philips Hue Xamento ceiling light, which also provides white and colored light (199.99 euros).

Update for the Philipps hue app

But even if you don’t want to buy new Hue lamps, there is news for you. The Hue app , which was completely redesigned just a few months ago, is getting an update and now enables four dynamic scenes. Instead of only having each lamp shine in a single color, dynamic scenes in a room or zone ensure a smooth transition between the different colors of a light scene. So they should create a unique atmosphere. The manufacturer is also announcing another new function that will be added to the Hue scene gallery in autumn 2021. Specially developed scenes that last 24 hours then ensure a gentle change in light colors and brightness over the course of the day.

The first new scene, Natural Light, mimics sunlight throughout the day with warm to cool white tones to promote productivity and general wellbeing. The time slots can be adjusted based on the individual daily routine.

And finally, game fans can look forward to the upcoming software update for the Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box in autumn 2021. With an update, the Sync Box will be compatible with the 120 Hz support of the latest game consoles such as the Playstation 5. It supports 120Hz with an image resolution of 1080p and 1440p. At the highest image resolution, the current Sync Box continues to support 4K resolution up to a refresh rate of 60 Hz.



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