Shameless: The HD rip-off takes it to the next level

Many people are still reluctant to pay money for television. If you do, you will usually be served a better TV program. This is also the case with HD +, but you can overdo it, says our editor Hayo Lücke.

If you receive your TV program via satellite (Astra) and want to watch HD and UHD programs from well-known private channels , you have to take out a subscription to HD +. Then it is now possible to use 24 private HD and 2 UHD channels on your home television – for 8.75 euros per month. From the end of September 2021, a mobile component will also be added with HD + ToGo. However, only at an additional cost.

HD + To go: Watch Private Channels Via App On The Go

Would you like to be able to see the content of HD + on your mobile phone or tablet PC on the go in the future? Then you can opt for the HD + ToGo option as a subscriber to HD + from September 29, 2021. It costs 5 euros extra per month and offers a few other functions via an advertising-free app available for Android and iOS devices, in addition, to live television from channels such as RTL, SAT.1, ProSieben, ntv, and Sport1:

Restart programs that have already started on HD + channels from the beginning

Access to various media libraries

TV guide (EPG)

2 TV streams that can be used in parallel on up to 5 registered devices

Can also be used in other EU countries

Together with the public service programs, more than 50 HD channels are available via mobile streaming. Andreas Müller-Vondey, who is responsible for sales and marketing at HD +, explains: “With HD + ToGo, the HD television is not just in your pocket, but opens up a new, fascinating world of TV and video. The most popular private and public broadcasters are just a fingertip away. ”

Are there any other options?

It is still unclear whether HD + ToGo will also be available as a stand-alone product in the future. However, the makers of HD + indirectly promise it. Because in a company announcement they speak of a “first step” that will enable existing HD + customers to book the new service as an additional option via their personal customer account. Incidentally, the first month of use is free. The additional basic fee is not due until the second month; with a minimum contract term of one month.

Is it necessary, however, to ask the already paying customers to pay for mobile TV entertainment? That is a completely different matter! The greed for additional income seems to be greater here (also with the TV channels involved) than the considerate view of the audience, which is already badly shaken by the Corona crisis and other accidents.


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