Sony ZV-E10 in size comparison with ZV-1 and Alpha 6400

The brand new Sony ZV-E10 arrived today for testing. We will publish the laboratory test and the test images at the beginning of next week, our readers can count on the complete editorial test approx. 14 days afterward. In advance, however, we already have the first photos of the new VLogger system camera in a direct size comparison with its closest competitors from the same manufacturer. These are, on the one hand, the (photo) system cameras of the Sony Alpha 6000 series and, on the other hand, the small VLogger camera Sony ZV-1 with its 1-inch image sensor. We also try to explain when a Sony camera is called “Alpha” and when it is not.

We not only received the Sony ZV-E10 for testing but also the clever GP-VPTBT tripod and remote control handle. We used to have them in the editorial office but then didn’t have the time to take a closer look at these interesting accessories. Since it is also ideal for the ZV-E10, we now want to take a closer look at it.

Sony has also included the Sony E 10-18 mm F4 (SEL1018) wide-angle zoom lens, which Sony says is ideal for VLogging applications. It’s nice and wide-angle (15 to 27 mm focal length) and not too big – so we’ll try it out too.

Alpha or not Alpha? That is the question. Sony simply calls the camera ZV-E10, with no alpha. The same applies to the FX3 Cinema Line full-frame camera which Sony simply calls FX3, also without alpha. It used to be the same with the first APS-C format sensor cameras with E-mount, Sony called them simply NEX-3, NEX-5, etc. Nonetheless, all of these cameras have an alpha symbol on the housing. With this, the Sony indicates that it belongs to the Alpha system, ie a Sony interchangeable lens system (regardless of whether it is an A-mount or an E-mount). Whether the “Alpha” is included in the model name or not obviously depends on whether the camera itself begins with a combination of letters or simply with a number, e.g. B. on the one hand Sony Alpha 1, Alpha Sony 7R III, but on the other hand Sony ZV-E10.


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