ViewSonic introduces pre-calibrated monitors VP2756-2k and VP2756-4K

Color-binding work is becoming more and more affordable and convenient thanks to modern displays. The reason for this is the ever lower production costs of panels due to the millions of times they are used in all areas of electronics. With the two monitors VP2756-2K and VP2756-4K, ViewSonic is introducing two hardware-calibratable monitors that are pre-calibrated from the factory and even come with a Pantone certificate.

ViewSonic is one of the world’s leading providers of monitors for high color management requirements with competitive pricing. The VP56 series celebrates its debut with the VP2756-2K and VP2756-4K. Both monitors are 27-inch (67 centimeters) with an AH-IPS panel. IPS panels are characterized, among other things, by a very large horizontal and vertical viewing angle stability, so that contrasts and colors remain stable. In the case of the VP2756-2K and VP2756-4K, this angle is 178 degrees.

The difference between the VP2756-2K and VP2756-4K lies in the resolution, as you can already guess from the 2K and 4K appendices. While the VP2756-2K has a maximum resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels (2K), the VP2756-4K has a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels (4K). Apart from the resolution, the monitors are identical in terms of their equipment.

On the color management side, the monitors can display 78 percent of the AdobeRGB and 100 percent of the sRGB color space and achieve a maximum luminance of 350 cd / m². The monitors are calibrated at the factory and can be used “out of the box”. Each monitor comes with a calibration report and a Pantone certification. So it is not absolutely necessary to calibrate the monitors yourself. If this should nevertheless be necessary, the correction data determined are not stored in the graphics card of the computer, but in the so-called lookup table (LUT) of the monitor. The computer always outputs the full-color depth.

Both the VP2756-2K and the VP2756-4K are fully-fledged base stations for computers that can be powered via USB-C. The monitors have a power delivery function and can supply devices with a power consumption of up to 60 watts. In addition, a full-fledged USB 3.2 SuperSpeed ​​hub with three outputs and a USB-B port is integrated into the monitors. The monitors also have a LAN connection. The USB-C connection becomes the only interface that has to be connected to the monitor.

But even owners without USB-C on the computer can use the VP2756-2K and VP2756-4K because in addition to a display port and a mini display port, the monitors also have two HDMI connections. The daisy chain process is also possible. With this, several monitors can be connected in series and supplied with image data via just one connection.

In addition, the monitors offer ergonomic functions such as height adjustment, inclination, pivot function on both sides and rotatability in order to be optimally adapted to the working environment of the image editor. The monitors VP2756-2K and VP2756-4K will be available from specialist retailers from August 2021 for around 430 euros (VP2756-2K) and 590 euros (VP2756-4K), respectively.


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