Where Do The World’s Most Privileged People Live

Luck is not something every one of us has. However, the country we live in can be a substantial contributing factor to our luck. Living standards, healthcare facilities and career opportunities are among the many determining factors that were studied to help find where the world’s luckiest people live.

There are many possibilities about what makes the most privileged people in the world. Here is an investigation conducted by ABCD Agency, and these criteria were considered:

  • Safety and Health: The study shows that the health care facilities in a country are one of the essential things that decide whether a person is privileged or not. Also, other factors like life expectancy, the number of homicides and deaths on the roads, as well as air quality were included under this criteria.
  • Career Opportunities: Another critical factor in the study is job opportunities. This included looking at unemployment rates, income inequality and the quality of the working environment.
  • Finance: The amount of disposable income and average wealth were among the factors studied thoroughly to find a nation’s financial condition.
  • Liberty and Life Satisfaction: The freedom to live freely and speak is essential for citizens. Some countries still have restrictions on what people can wear and say. If you get everything, but you cannot make your own choices in a country, then are you privileged? This factor examined how privileged a person is by looking at the strength of their passport, gender equality and their general life satisfaction.

Top 6 Countries with the Most Privileged People:

Based on the above mentioned fields, you can find the nations with the most privileged people in the world:

  • Switzerland: Switzerland is called paradise on earth by some. People here enjoy its beauty, and extraordinary life with amazing career opportunities and great financial stability.
  • Iceland: It is a country that achieved an overall 91.49 points out of 100. Also, citizens here get all the necessary facilities and opportunities to be second on the list.
  • Norway: Indeed, people here are lucky to come third on the list, but scored the highest (100 out of 100) for liberty and life satisfaction and career opportunities as well.
  • Luxembourg: A small country of just a thousand square miles in area, yet has the potential to make its citizens fourth on the list of the most privileged people in the world. It’s overall score was 89.39 points.
  • Denmark: In fifth position, the happiest nation on the planet with the lowest crime rate. Denmark scored 84.91 points.

Finland: Citizens have an outstanding work-life balance, are law-abiding and have a low crime rate. Finland takes sixth position with a score of 80.52 points.


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