Why Do Graphic Designers Prefer Mac?

Designers have many important decisions when it comes to getting their work done, from what image editing software, to what platform to run, languages, and frameworks to use. It isn’t a secret that there has been a growing trend over the past few years towards designers choosing Macs as their preferred graphic design Machine. In this post, we’ll provide reasons why graphic designers prefer Mac.


One major thing that almost every specialist enjoys is the chance to animate the user interface, with the primary animation functionality offered by Macs, you could easily navigate various devices and applications. This makes sure you’ll incorporate specific design tools that make things seem easier and work can be completed quicker.

Being a professional graphic designer means you should be equipped with all the knowledge that can help resolve all problems that customers encounter. Clients will come to you with different problems and you must always be prepared to solve them. With Mac, graphic designers don’t have to worry about installing different animation apps because all these come with the Mac.

No Difficulty

One of the main reasons why graphic designers choose Mac is because it’s compatible with open source tools. Since it’s based on Unix, the terminal is always ready to start running.

Most of the laptops available out there will overheat when you try to do something and the process might take many hours to complete. This isn’t really something you want to deal with as a graphic designer because you also have deadlines to meet and complete the work as soon as possible.

In-Built Tools

Mac devices come with many useful built-in tools that come in handy for developers and designers. For instance, the in-built screen capturing tool “Grab” for Mac has a wide range of options, from choosing the pixel area you wish to screenshot to offering window captures that are complete with a window frame and directly outputting the. PNG file to the desktop.

Essentially, some of the tools were specifically created for designers mainly because apple has for many years only catered to the creative. Other superb in-built tools include:

  • Time Machine
  • Safari Debug Mode
  • Zoom
  • XCode Tools
  • Terminal
  • Console
  • Digital Color Meter

Unified User Interface

Any graphic design knows and understands that consistency is a crucial principle that they must adhere to. Luckily, the OS X User Interface has been built with this in mind. Due to the stricter user guidelines provided by apple, utilities and applications on a Mac computer feel like they are part of this system.

The menu bar also adheres to the unification through standardization of the layout and location of the available menu options. Moreover, the drag and drop functionality is pretty ubiquitous. The ability to do this such as directly drag images off the web browser into the Photoshop project is necessary for productivity.


As we all know, there are fewer malware and viruses out there for Mac devices than PCs.so, with Macs, graphic designers can focus on their work without worrying about spyware and viruses scans.



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