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Thanks for showing interest in writing for us! We always appreciate writers like you who can write something unique and interesting for our audience. Your detailed content will help our readers gain a better understanding of the subject you’ve focused on, be it photography, gaming, design, or gadgets.

Because we receive a huge number of guest post requests, we’ve come up with a special “write for us” guide that clearly describes our guidelines.

Please go through them before you send your guest post.

Why Write for us?

With our large social following and huge audience, writing for us is an incredible profile raise for both your company and yourself.

We strive to give high-quality photography, gaming, design, and technology news content to all our readers.

To make a great tech source, we need help from a community that contributes high-quality content.

Want to Write for us?

If you are a Tech/IT professional and you’re also enthusiastic about writing – join our new contributor community and do not hesitate to discuss your knowledge with our dear subscribers.

You can write about anything fitting our website, or something related to gadgets, photography, design, and gaming.

Keep in mind that write for us posts and guest posts must be related to our site and we only accept high quality, unique content from good authors and writers. 

Guidelines for the Article

Please review these submission requirements before you share your content pitch. Any submission that doesn’t meet these requirements wont be accepted.

1. The article must be at least 1000 words and must be original, not published on any other website.
2. Content should be high quality and well researched.
3. We greatly appreciate if a writer checks their content on grammar to ensure it doesn’t have any grammatical mistake.
4. After we’ve received your article, our dedicated quality team checks the content for the article’s tone, grammar, and other guidelines.
5. The content shouldn’t be self-promoting
6. All extracts and quotes used in your content should be accurately attributed
Keep in mind that we reserve the rights to edit your content and remove inaccuracies, grammatical mistakes and typos.

Make sure we don’t have an article on the topic you want to write by using the search below.

For the Best Chance of Publication

  •  Focus on action-oriented content – including best practices and top tips.
  • Use headings and subheadings in your article – this helps ensure the article is easy to read.

How to Submit Your Article?

If you wish to write for Deusen please send us an email at [email protected] or fill the contact form below:


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